Meet Your Friends and Neighbors at Staunton CDJR

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  • Ron

    Fisherman and Parts Manager

    Ron is your parts manager! Ron lives in Gillespie with his wife Lorette and daughter Abigail. On any given day, you can find Ron on one of many of our area lakes fishing and trying to catch the big one. Like the majority or our staff, Ron's favorite food is pizza. Ron's favorite color is red. Especially on a RAM pickup!

  • Daniel

    Outdoorsman and Technician

    Daniel is your Technician from Staunton. Dirty Dan is proud to have lived in Staunton his whole life. Allegedly named after Gentleman Jack, Daniel enjoys fishing, golfing, and shooting sports. Not to sound like a broken record, but Daniel's favorite food is ALSO PIZZA! Daniel's favorite car is a super fast Dodge Charger. Especially in blue!

  • Brandon Fisher
    Sales Consultant

  • Cloide Wentler
    Sales Consultant

  • Julie Shrum
    Office Manager

  • Kara Heaps Bono
    Sales Consultant

  • Kevin Thompson
    Sales Consultant

  • Tristan

    Family man and sales professional

    Tristan is here to help you get the vehicle of your dreams. Tristan lives in Gillespie with his wife Sabrina and two children Brianna and Logan. Tristan enjoys dirt track racing and his kids sporting events. Tristan would like you to know that he treats his business dealings as if all his customers were his mother. His core set of values derives from his faith and he tries to reflect that in the way he conducts business. Tristan's favorite food is steak and his favorite car is the 1969 Shelby GT 500 Mustang!

  • Jim

    Professional bowler and salesperson

    Jim is your sales consultant from Gillespie where he lives with his wife and 4 kids. Jim has a deep understanding of Chryslers, Dodges, Jeeps, and Rams and will become your friend. On the spot. Not even joking. Jim enjoys golf, camping. softball, tacos, and following his beloved Chicago Cubs. We often hear him chanting "1908" as a mantra while he walks around the dealership. Jim's favorite vehicle is a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT.

  • Eric

    The Man, The Legend, The Technician

    Eric is legendary in his ability to repair vehicles. No job is too complex. He comes through every time. Rain, sleet, snow, or rough idle he'll be here to fix your vehicle right the first time. Eric hails from Litchfield where he lives with his wife and three kids. The Legend enjoys riding street bikes, the color black, and eating pizza (Maybe you're noticing a common theme. Let's just say that every company lunch is pizza.) The Man's favorite car is a Challenger Hellcat.

  • Steve

    Hunter and detailer

    Steve goes by the nickname "Chops." You'll agree that he has the chops to effectively cleanup your vehicle. Steve lives in Mount Olive where he enjoys hunting and fishing. His favorite food is fish and his favorite color is blue. His favorite vehicle is the mighty RAM truck!

  • John

    Chief Customer Server, Bean Counter, Owner

    We love to see you happy at Staunton Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram! John's goal is to cultivate as many happy customers as possible by empowering his team with the tools and resources needed to provide an exceptional customer experience. As you may have heard, John grew up in Kentucky and Tennessee before moving to Highland 10 years ago where he lives with his wife Christine and two children Mae Rose and William. You'll find that John has the same values of family, friendship, fairness, and fun that are common with all Illinoisans. John enjoys playing with his kids, watching television, karaoke, stand up comedians, live sporting events, pizza, and the color orange. John served in the military including one year in Tikrit Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. John loves driving around in his striking Illinois orange Dodge Charger.

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